Un Nouveau Course…French 1 Offered this Fall


Registration for Aim classes in the 2015-2016 school year will open on March 2nd.  This school year I will be teaching Algebra 1, SAT Math prep, and French 1.  There is additional information about the math classes on this website but French is the surprising new class for me this year. Here is a brief explanation of why I decided to add French.

In 7th grade I enrolled in a French class with my twin older brothers on a whim.  To my mom’s great surprise I absolutely loved it and soon excelled.  Year by year French became a more and more important part of my education and by the time I was a senior I was spending 2 hours a day preparing for the AP French exam.  When I was accepted at Pitt I declared French as my major and later added on the math.  Pitt is known for its foreign language programs and I completed a thorough an excellent program while there.  Our classes were taught in French, we wrote persuasive essays in French, and even held our own political debates.

French opened the doors to so many opportunities for me.  My family ended up hosting French exchange students 3 times while I was in high school.  I was able to travel to France twice for brief visits and then spent 6 week there during college.  I learned so much…a second language…how to adapt to another culture…and even gained a better grasp of my own native language.

French is a wonderful choice as a second language because it is beautiful and because it is spoken in so many different parts of the world.  I’ve used it as a backup language in the Middle East, Europe, and even Vietnam.  As a romance language it also helps you understand Spanish, Italian, and even some Portuguese.

This fall I am excited to offer French 1 and introduce a new group of students to all the wonderful discoveries I made.


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