The Top 3 Reasons You Should Take an Online Math Class

Registration for Aim Academy’s 2015-2016 classes opens on March 2nd.  Below I have listed the top three reasons you might want to consider an online math class for next year.

  1. The accountability. This is by far the number one reason students sign up for my classes.  You know that if you’re in a class with deadlines, live sessions, and a teacher checking in regularly you won’t be able to just put it off.  The easiest way to change oh yeah, I need to study for the SATs at some point into 30 hours of solid preparation is to sign up for a class.
  2. The fun. Yes, I did say “fun.” J  When I wrap up my first week of live class a lot of my students message me privately in surprise, they really enjoyed it and were not expecting that.  Who knew you could actually look forward to math class?  When we solve a problem in a new way or use math to explain a card trick I get a bunch of fun reactions (“I’m going to show that problem to my little sister!”).   I’m not offended by the tone of surprise.  If math means getting a textbook out on your own morning after morning and doing problems 1-23 odds that is just boring.  I’m a math nerd and I think that is boring!  With a class you get to have all the fun interaction between students and there is a greater opportunity for activities, lively discussions, and even the occasional math joke (see below).  Even without these added bonuses it is more fun to learn math with students from Hawaii, Alaska, and the Czech Republic.
  3. The reinforcement. One solid math course can really help a struggling student get back on track.  Most students don’t know where they went wrong they just know that suddenly they “don’t understand anything.”  But that is rarely the case. Normally there are just a few skills they never mastered.  With a teacher there to find these gaps and address them they can quickly catch up.

I’d encourage you to sign up for one of my classes.  If not for these three reasons listed above than for the math jokes J

math jokes

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  1. Shama

    Please advise if you reiceved registration for Will Harris. Just hearing about this opportunity, very interested in him participating. We have a family vacation planned this week and will not be able to attend before Saturday 14th.

  2. KathrynGomes Post author

    I have not received a registration yet for Will. All registrations need to go through

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