I’ve recently begun traveling to home school conventions as a speaker.  As a home school graduate and a certified teacher I offer a unique perspective on home schooling. Below is the list of my seminar topics:

What Our Mom Did Right, What Our Mom Did Wrong  What will your kids think about homeschooling when they’re adults? Now that Debra Bell’s four kids have grown up, graduated, and started families of their own, her oldest daughter reflects on her experiences and those of her siblings. In this tell-all session, Kathryn shares six things she’s grateful for and four that she would go back and change.

Six Secrets of a Successful College-Prep Math Program  High school math at home can be an intimidating endeavor. How are you going to teach your kids algebra, trigonometry, or even calculus? Further, will they be prepared by graduation for college-level work? In this session, Kathryn provides practical solutions to some of the common pitfalls of teaching math at home. She also shows you how to harness the strengths of homeschooling to create a competitive high school program. Whether your child is STEM-minded or focused on the humanities, you’ll leave this session with a concrete four-year plan. Kathryn is a home school graduate with seven years’ experience as a high school math teacher; in addition, she has tutored homeschool students in math since high school.

Five Ways God Used Homeschooling to Strengthen My Faith and Prepare Me to Engage the World  There will always be a math lesson, science project, or research paper clamoring for your immediate attention. But what about the bigger picture?  How is God using homeschooling to work in your child’s heart? In this session Kathryn shares how God used homeschooling to build her faith and develop her character. Drawing on examples from her own life, she’ll bring a fresh reminder of how the challenges that your child is facing today are preparing him or her for a life of service in God’s kingdom.

Homeschool to Campus: 10 Things You Should Know Before You Leave Home  Based on interviews with other home school graduates, this seminar will help you prepare for the great transition from home to a secular, Christian, or community college campus.  Learn from the experiences of others and get a more realistic picture of what the transitional years ahead might hold for you. Here are the important practical, social, academic, and spiritual skills to focus on now so you are prepared. Bonus: Kathryn also throws in her perspective on dating, courtship, and choosing a spouse!

For more information on my availability contact me directly.  Sample recordings are available on request.