SAT Math Prep

This seven-week course is designed to prepare each student for the math content on the Redesigned SAT or PSAT. Because skill levels and goals can vary dramatically, each student is given their own individualized study plan. The study plan carefully details which videos, worksheets, or sections of The Official SAT Study Guide the student should complete each day.

When students enroll they are given access to the Canvas course website. On the website they will find all of the materials for the class including video lectures, worksheets, and weekly quizzes. In order to streamline everything and make it as clear as possible I post all the materials under “modules” on the website and organize it by unit.

redesigned SAT snapshot of website

Each module or week corresponds with a content area on the new version of the test.

Week 1: Introduction to the SATs

Week 2: Heart of Algebra (Part 1)

Week 3: Heart of Algebra (part 2)

Week 4: Problem Solving and Data Analysis (part 1)

Week 5: Problem Solving and Data Analysis (part 2)

Week 6: Passport to Advanced Mathematic

Week 7: Additional Topics


No student will complete all of the material posted on the website, they each just need to complete what is in their study plan. During the first week of class students complete a full-length SAT practice test. They submit their results to me and I create their study plan based on the strengths and weaknesses they demonstrated on the test. Students will also be taking several diagnostic quizzes on Khan Academy. By the end of the course they will have completed the majority of the material available on the Khan Academy website in addition to the material in the text.

Each week we have a live session using WebEx. During this session we go over quiz questions that students missed and discuss a test-taking strategy.


Throughout the week students watch a video lesson almost daily and complete worksheets or sections of practice problems. All of the problems used in the course are aligned to the SAT so that students become very familiar with the format and difficulty level of the test. Remedial materials are also available for students who need a stepping stone before attempting SAT-level problems.

I am available for help if students need me via the website, e-mail, or phone if necessary.  Most students prefer to message me through the website and if I am unable to answer their question through writing I go over it in the following web-ex. Additionally, students are given access to the website after the course has ended so that they can continue to review up until they take the test.

Register at for the current class. The class is offered 3 times a year with a live class component. I also offer a self-paced option during the summer.

Student Reviews:

I decided to take Mrs. Gomes’ SAT Math Prep course this past summer in order to get a kick-start on my SAT studying and learn what areas in math I was weakest on.  Mrs. Gomes course far exceeded my expectations and made it much easier to dive into the overwhelming task of studying for the SATs.  What was most beneficial about the course was the way Mrs. Gomes laid it out and the videos she created.  Mrs. Gomes maps out a customized weekly & daily plan for every student, based on their SAT goals and how they did on the SAT practice test at the beginning of the course.  It was very simple, organized, and easy to follow, which is something that many online courses have yet to master.  Every week tackled a new math subject and most days included a couple of videos explaining different concepts as well as practice problems.  Every week ended with a quiz going over what you had learned. Mrs. Gomes videos are excellent, and I actually found them better than the famous Kahn Academy videos because her explanations were very clear and effective.

I felt like there was just the right amount of work, and it was easy for me to double up some days or catch up if I had been busy and fallen behind in assignments.  If you are trying to really master the subjects, I would suggest also doing your own studying and practice problems on subjects that you are having a difficult time with.

Mrs. Gomes was always available to provide one-on-one help when I had questions or was struggling with a topic and she is one of the best math problem explainers there is!  The live classes are also very helpful if you’re able to attend those, for Mrs. Gomes goes over all of the trickiest questions from the weekly quizzes.  I highly recommend this course in order to start your SAT studying journey in the best possible way!  M. L., MD.

Never before have I been able to confidently look at an SAT math question and absolutely know how to approach it. I’ve struggled with math before, but this class showed me that it is no big deal. Mrs. Gomes is a fun and welcoming teacher. I felt very comfortable coming to her with my questions during class. I think it is amazing that we get our own study plans, and the work load seemed to be balanced well throughout the week. Her videos are short, sweet, and to the point! Which is everything you’re looking for in an SAT math review. They were very clear and helpful.
 C.T., N.C.
I raised my score from 560 to 720 on the math section, and it ended up
being my highest scoring section, which I have never had happen on a
test! Thank you so much for taking the time to teach the prep
L.B., AK