Preschool Math: Dry Erase Dice Game

Recently I found this gem at the Dollar Store.

You write the numbers on this die with a dry erase marker. This is gold because it means you can change the numbers at any time. In elementary you could add the number zero or teen numbers. My little preschooler is focusing on the numbers one to five so I changed the six to a smiley face.

Now I just needed a game to play 🙂 Joseph loves games! At first I thought it was because he really liked winning (like his mom). But soon I saw he didn’t mind losing either. What he loves is the undivided attention. He is often careful to point out that his one year old sister “cannot play because she’s too little.”

In math we are working on learning the numbers one to five. But we are not focusing on counting. Instead, we are spending our time on the more important skill of understanding the amount each number represents. So far he can correctly show me groups of one, two, or three objects when asked. That is more important to me than if he can count to twenty. We’re going to keep practicing until he has a solid grasp of four and five too. This game was a great way to make that practice fun.

So without further ado…the amazing dry erase dice game!

You will need:

  • 1 die
  • A dry erase marker
  • 2 plates or bowls
  • 20 beads, beans, or other type of counter
  1. Mark the die with the numbers 1 to 5. Practice saying the names of the numbers. Instead of a 6 put a smiley face. When a player rolls a smiley face they have to do something similar (we jumped up and stuck out our tongues).
  2. Each player starts with 10 beads on their plate.
  3. When a player rolls the die they take that many beads from the other player. They should carefully count them in the center before putting them on their plate. That way if they made a mistake you can catch it.
  4. Play continues for 10 turn or until one player wins all the beads. Whatever you have the patience for 🙂

That’s it! Super simple but we spent so much time practice our numbers this morning because he was engaged in the game. The beads worked really well for us because he liked trying to steal certain colors from me.