Preschool Math: A Beginning

This week I did my first ever math lesson with my son Joseph (age 3). We’ve been focusing on our Before Five in A Row curriculum and doing lots or art and science. But he’s been expressing interest in numbers so I pulled together a few simple activities.

I picked this game up in the Target bins at the beginning of the school year for $1. My main focus with him is not to teach him to count, but to help him understand what each number means. So I love how the pieces connect the numeral with the correct amount.

One critique is that all of the pieces are congruent, so you can fit 4 together with the 6 lady bug pieces. I realized this when I checked on my son after his nap. He had pieced all 20 numerals together! I thought I had raised a math genius. And then I looked more closely…they weren’t matched correctly.

There are lots of games out there like this. Many of them are themes with TV characters etc. They’re pretty cheap and worth picking up for some easy practice.

Joseph is convinced that math means M&M’s, so I also whipped up this little exercise so we could practice the numbers 1 to 5.

First I numbered some mini-cups. I threw zero in there too because I was excited 🙂

He put the correct number of M&M’s in each cup and we practiced putting them in order.

Later I would take one number and hide it and he had to figure out which one was missing. That was a bit too tough for him this time through, but we’ll try again in the future.

That’s our preschool math for now. We will just keep working on 1 to 5 until he feels comfortable with it. I’m also getting some cool math books out of the library. I’ll post on those soon 🙂