Online Math Classes

I currently offer SAT Math Prep through Debra Bell’s AIM Academy. Below you will find a description of my SAT Math class. Aim Academy also offers many other math classes taught by Susan Habacivch.

SAT Math Prep

Course Description: This seven-week test prep course teaches the core mathematical concepts and skills tested on the SAT math test. In addition, students will practice proven test-taking strategies that will help dramatically improve scores.

Students complete a practice test during the first week of the course and submit it. An individualized study plan for weeks 2-7 is then created based on the results of their practice test.  Each student is assigned review videos and practice problems that are tailored to his or her needs and that are aligned to their goal score.

The class meets weekly to practice problems, strategies, and time-saving techniques. Throughout the week, students are able to access video tutorials that correspond with the
weekly assignments. Students will also complete a timed practice exam. By the end of the
course students will be familiar with the testing format and will have reviewed the fundamental
concepts in Algebra 1, Algebra II, Geometry, and Trigonometry.

Course Schedule:

Week 1: Introduction to the SATs

Week 2: Heart of Algebra (Part 1)

Week 3: Heart of Algebra (part 2)

Week 4: Problem Solving and Data Analysis (part 1)

Week 5: Problem Solving and Data Analysis (part 2)

Week 6: Passport to Advanced Mathematic

Week 7: Additional Topics