Kathryn (Bell) Gomes

I’m Debra Bell’s daughter and I was homeschooled K-12.  I was an AP Scholar and took all of my AP classes online.  I have an undergraduate degree in Mathematics from the University of Pittsburgh and a Masters in Education from the University of Pennsylvania. I taught high school mathematics for 7 years in the Philadelphia area. Once I had my son I switched to working from home and teaching online classes for homeschooled students. Currently I teach SAT Math multiple times a year and work as an admin for Aim Academy.

Math has always intrigued me because of its patterns and structure. There is nothing quite as exciting as finally finding the correct answer.  Over the years I have met many students who struggle in math or find it boring.  I’m very passionate about helping these students discover the beauty of mathematics and the joy of problem solving.

My husband, Jason, and I live right outside of Philadelphia with our two kids in an area known for its ethnic diversity.  We love trying new restaurants (Indian especially!) and exploring the neighborhoods and cultural sites of our city.  On any given Thursday night you can find us on Drexel’s campus eating crepes and reminiscing about Jason’s days there as an electrical engineering student.

Now that my son is 3 years old I am homeschooling him for preschool. I occasionally post about our projects and adventures 🙂

I hope this website serves to inspire you as you introduce the world of mathematics to your children.  My goal is to help all students develop a mastery of mathematics from elementary through high school that will pave the way to a successful future in college and the work force.