Monthly Archives: December 2017

Take a MONTH off (ok, maybe a week)

This December I did something I’ve never done before. I took A MONTH off of work. I had a big deadline on December 31st and I decided to move it up to November 30th. It made October and November quite intense (never thought I could actually get tired of Starbucks). But when December 1st hit I was done! Hooray! The crunch time was so worth the complete break that followed.

I can’t believe what a difference the break is making. I’ve spent so much time one-on-one with my preschooler. I didn’t know it was possible to make so many Christmas crafts (or cookies…perhaps too many cookies). My one year old spent more time in my lap with board books and evenings as a family are so relaxing.

I liked it so much that I think I might adopt this idea of taking such a long break off as a lifestyle. Sprint to the finish, get the job done, and then relax. Opposed to my typical pattern of postponement, procrastination, and endless guilt.

This past week I whipped out my mom’s planner. Sometimes it is very convenient to have a mom who is a published author 🙂

She has these great pages in the front where you plan for the year. It is supposed to be September-August, but I flipped it to start in January. I wrote out all our known commitments in 2018 and looked for busy spots (like June! A family wedding, a beach vacation, and the CHAP convention…woohoo!)

As I’m laying out my tasks for the years and planning my work hours I’m looking to block some serious time for rest. And while a MONTH was great, I think it is just going to be a week in the spring and another in the fall. Because the paradox that I discovered this December is that the rest actually makes me more productive.