Monthly Archives: September 2017

Nature Scavenger Hunt

This was definitely a success for our homeschool preschool. My 3 year old was very excited when I told him we were doing a nature scavenger hunt at the park. He even asked if he could bring his binoculars (a gift from his grandmother).

There are dozens of these on Pinterest. We used this one. I liked that it had big pictures and that the objects weren’t too obscure. If we do it again though I’ll add a paper bag for them to keep their finds in.

This is definitely an activity we will do again. I actually think he will get even more out of it the second time. I’d also like to try to do something each season and observe how nature changes. Right now I actually have the clipboard in my car so we can be finding things as we travel around to different places.


Cloud in a Jar

Our main focus in science so far has been the weather. I picked up these in the Target bins.

We do today and tomorrow’s weather each morning (he looks at the weather on my phone and then picks the correct insert). I was surprised by how much he loves this and he is starting to make connections between the predicted weather and what actually happens the next day. Although he also keeps asking me when it is going to snow! I think he just wants to use that insert 🙂

I saw posts about “cloud in a jar” all over Pinterest and kept wondering if it would really work. Our first stab at it using hairspray was a bust. Basically we were just trapping your usual amount of steam. But then we switched to using a match.

First, fill a jar with very hot water.
Light a match and hold it inside of the jar. The smoke creates particles that the water vapor can latch onto. You can drop the match inside or discard it.

Cover the jar with the lid. Put the lid on upside down so you can fill it with ice cubes.

Watch the cloud form. We put dark colored construction paper behind the jar so he could see the cloud better.
The most dramatic part is when you open the jar and all the vapor rushes out 🙂

Best part is nothing really gets “consumed” in this experiment. So you can do it again if you want. We did it four times!