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Roll a Sum

This game is incredibly simple. But I was shocked, it was a huge success at my most recent Math Day. It might have been their favorite activity. It is a way to practice addition facts and is suited for k-2.

Start by making a game board that looks like this:

  1. Roll the dice. Count up all the dots. Cross out that number on your side.
  2. Player two rolls.
  3. If you roll a number that is already crossed out your turn is over.
  4. First player to cross out all their numbers wins!

It is exciting because it gets really challenging to roll those last couple of sums. As a challenge I asked some of the older kids in the group which sums were the easiest to roll…and why?

Also, I noticed that as we played the kids were starting to shift from counting up the dots to just doing the addition in their heads. Great!

Try it out and let me know how it goes.


Kool-Aid Playdough

I saw this recipe on Pinterest but I wondered what all the fuss was about. Basically it just looked like they were using Kool-Aid instead of food coloring. But then I tried it with my 3 year old…it is amazing. The color is really cool and you can buy lots of Kool-Aid mixes for cheap and make a whole rainbow. Also, it smells delicious.

Here’s the recipe taken from the Kraft foods webpage.

  • My son is in charge of dumping in all the ingredients and mixing.


A magical moment was when we added the water. All of a sudden the color really pops. Even I went “oh wow!”

It’ll be soupy and you’ll be wondering if you did something wrong.

Heat it on the stove until it bubbles and you can feel it thickening.

Turn off the heat and go read a book.

Return to find your wonderful playdough!

Let it cool and start creating. We used it to make some minion hair. It isn’t a full day of preschool if we haven’t incorporated minions.