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Math Dice Jr.

I found this game at Target today. Very simple and super easy to bring along on vacation or to a restaurant. The dodecahedron (yes I just really wanted to use that word) tells you what sum or different you are trying to find. Use addition, subtraction, and the numbers on the other 5 dice to get that number.

I think the best feature of this game is that it gets your ready for Math Dice. This version is for 8 and up and adds a lot more complexity.

Number Collage and Scavenger Hunt

My son and I did this project today and we had a lot of fun. More importantly it provided a great opportunity to connect numerals to the amounts they represent. It’d be a great end of year activity for a Kindergarten student or a beginning of the year review for a first grader. It focuses on number recognition and spotting the numbers 1 to 10 in the world around us.

Materials: Poster, markers, straight edge, scissors, magazines or a Smartphone and printer (we don’t really have magazines so I used my Smartphone and printed the photos inexpensively at CVS), flyers from grocery stores or other stores

For the first part of the project you are going to be going on a scavenger hunt. You need to find the numerals 1 to 10 and examples of those numbers. We used a clipboard to keep track.

I’ve done number scavenger hunts before and it is definitely a lot more fun (and easier!) if you leave the house. We found all of our numbers just by taking a quick walk around the block. But it would also be really fun at the grocery store or library. Somewhere with lots of signs and prices will make it easier. You can also just pull out a pile of magazines and catalogs and look for numbers there.

Here are some of the numerals* we spotted on our street.

Brownie points if you notice the Disney Pixar character who made it into our collage—my son was thrilled. Now to find some real life occurrences of these numbers. The best examples are the ones that occur naturally: four chairs at a table, five siblings in a family, etc.. However, if your child gets really stuck finding seven of something I won’t judge you for putting seven M&M’s in a bowl and calling it a day.


We printed all of our photos at CVS and cut them out. My son was so excited to see his toys and our neighborhood in the photos. That is one advantage of using the Smartphone over the magazines, it gives kids more ownership over the collage.

Divide the poster into ten sections and have your child carefully label them with the right number. Paste all of your numerals and examples down. We hung out finished project in the school room so we can reference it in the future.

It’s a bit messy looking but the important thing is all the conversations we had about numbers as we put it together.

*We completely ignored place value in our hunt for numbers because we haven’t learned that yet. So for the sake of this activity a 9’s digit counted whether it was in the tens or ones column. Otherwise I think it would be really hard to find all of the numbers.