Monthly Archives: February 2017

New Self-Paced Option for SAT Math Prep

Since the launch of the New SAT I’ve taught 6 sections of SAT Math. I love teaching the class and meeting so many wonderful students. One thing that I’ve learned is that my students are very busy. Sometimes carving out time to study for the SATs or to add one more live class is challenging.

With that in mind I created a self-paced version of the course. This 14-week self-paced SAT Math Prep course is a great option for the highly motivated or exceptionally busy student. At the beginning of the course students can opt for a 7-week or 14-week study plan. The study plan is also developed based on their goal score and how much time they have allocated to studying. Study plans are broken down into manageable chunks and help students study consistently.

All of the materials referenced on the study plan are provided on the course website or are available for free at Time will be spent reviewing the over 30 instructional videos I created as well as practicing problems daily. There are also automated quizzes that serve as checkpoints during the course. By the end of the course students will be familiar with the testing format and will have reviewed the fundamental concepts in Algebra 1, Algebra II, geometry, and trigonometry.

For complete details or to register for the summer 2017 session click here.