Monthly Archives: December 2016

Help for teaching long division

Here’s some tips, tricks, and games to make the process a little less painful. Now that the SAT has a non-calculator section I am more committed than ever to everyone knowing how to do long division by hand.

  1. Use grid paper. It seems so simple but this can make a big difference for the struggling learner or the disorganized mathematician (me!).

When you work it out everything is so organized.

2. Make a list of multiples before you start dividing. That first choice is always so difficult but now you can look at your list to find the biggest divisor. I got this idea at Here’s how they set it up.


3. A coloring page is always fun although this one is a bit easy. There are no remainders so it is good practice for just going through the steps but doesn’t really make you think that hard.


A clearer version of the coloring page is available here.