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Pixar in a Box: The Math Behind the Movies

Summer time is a great opportunity for some lighter math activities or projects connection math to the world. Pixar in a Box, a new course from Khan Academy, is a perfect fit.

You can find the course here.

Level 1 is appropriate for kids as young as elementary and level 2 often delves into high school math content. This would be an outstanding option for a math co-op.

PHAA Conference

This Monday on April 18th I’ll be speaking at the PHAA High School at Home conference. I’ll be presenting my Six Secrets of a Successful High School Math Program sessions and a new session on the math section of the revised SAT. This is a great opportunity to gain a vision for homeschooling right through to graduation.

The conference is also meaningful for me since I myself am a PHAA grad 🙂 It didn’t seem that long ago that I was receiving my diploma and now I am preparing others to do the same.

If you are free on Monday you can still register.

Photo credit: PHAA website.

Two Sections of SAT Prep Start April 18th

Parents face many challenges in preparing their students for the New SAT:

  • keeping your child motivated and on track
  • familiarizing yourself with the changes to the test so your child is prepared
  • helping your child find time to study given all his or her other coursework

The spring session SAT Math class is a great option for students, and it starts right as full year coursework is winding down. The course is aligned with the June SAT test so the material will be fresh in their minds when they sit for the test.

Benefits of the course include:

  •  It is aligned with the new test and students are clearly taught about the changes in the live sessions.
  • The class provides the structure and accountability students need to stay on track.
  • Students learn test-taking strategies and calculator skills to improve their speed.
  • Each student receives an individualized study plan tailored to his or her specific needs.
  • Students have access to 35 videos explaining the content on the test step-by-step.

A higher SAT math score
builds confidence and has helped many students earn scholarships.

There are now two sections available (Mondays at 7pm and Tuesdays at 1:30 pm).