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Data and Statistics on Instant Replay

I wanted to share this video for two reasons. First, it is utterly fascinating. Second, he explains the statistics clearly and in an engaging way. Data and statistics are rapidly becoming a crucial topic in high school math. Students will see lots of questions on the new SAT taken from this field and will probably need to take a course in college to learn how to analyze the data in their field. The more familiar you are with reading and interpreting data displays the better.

Registration for 2nd Semester Algebra 1 is Now Open

This year there are spots available in my algebra class for 2nd semester students. Registration is now open.

Course Title: Algebra 1- Second Semester

Web-ex time slot: Mon 1:00 PM–2:00PM EST

Grade level: 7th and up

Cost: $299

Required texts: UCSMP Algebra 1 (3rd edition) ISBN#9780076213863

Second semester begins on January 4th and students will be jumping in right as we begin chapter 5. There is a clean break over Christmas so it should be a smooth transition. In order to succeed they will need to have a good grasp on algebraic expressions and equations.

Topics covered will include:

Chapter 5: Division and Proportions in Algebra

Chapter 6: Slopes and Lines

Chapter 7: Exponential Growth and Decay

Chapter 8: Powers and Roots

Chapter 9: Quadratic Functions and Equations

You can find reviews and video clips from the course here. If you have concerns about your student jumping in mid-year they can take a placement test before you decide to register. Please feel free to contact me through this website if you have any additional questions.


We’ve been working on problem solving skills in my algebra 1 class and lately that has meant creating and breaking codes. One of my students created this one and it was trickier than I expected.  Give it a try and post your comment below.

Using these 4 equation can you find x and y? In class we also did this where instead of variables we solved for shapes or even the operations themselves.

james code