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Last Day Before Price Increase

Hi everyone! Just wanted to give you a heads up that many Aim Academy classes have price increases in July. Algebra 1 increases tomorrow.  So if you have been considering a class…or were planning on registering and just haven’t gotten around to it…today is a good day to pull the trigger.

Looking forward to having many of you in my classes this fall. I love summer, but I’m already getting impatient for the school year to start.

Soap Bubble Cubes

Whatever you are in the middle of doing right now stop and get ready to try this super cool experiment. It has a great “wow!” factor and will get your brain going again during summer vacation.


  • Q-tips
  • Hot glue gun (and an adult to help you)
  • Dish detergent
  • Water
  • Bowl


Assemble your supplies. It helps if the bowl is wide and shallow. Combine dish detergent with the water to make a soapy mixture. Add a good amount of detergent, you want it to be really soapy.

Take all the cotton off the q-tips. It helps if you twist them. The better job you do of getting it all off the stronger your cube will be. Quick geometry question: if the q-tips are the edges of a cube then how many will you need?


Once you have hot-glued everything and let it dry you are ready to dip the cube.



Hold it carefully with your fingertips and coat each face of the cube with the soapy mixture. Once you have coated all six faces a really interesting form will take shape.


What is the math behind that shape? More on that later.

The idea for this experiment came from this wonderful blog post.

The Latest on the Redesigned SAT

In a previous post I talked about the general changes to the SAT coming in March 2016. I also went over the specific changes to the math content and my recommendations on how to prepare. Recently I found this video from Khan Academy.  He explains everything so well and I loved his visual of the breakdown of the sections.

It is a little long (just over 8 minutes) but he is very thorough and it is a worthwhile use of your time.

Math Mess

On the PBS website I discovered a series of videos called Math Mess.   The videos show real life situations where someone thinks about math incorrectly.  It is a nice discussion starter because the video doesn’t give the right answer, it just gets you thinking.